Test Drive Lamborghini

Test Drive Lamborghini with an extra dose of performance and sunshine.

Test Drive Lamborghini

At Car4rent Cannes, we specialize in Luxury and Sports Car Hire. Take the wheel of sports and luxury models, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Range Rover, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Mercedes AMG all makes that are synonymous with power, performance, and cornering agility, in one word Excellence.

You can drive a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder in Cannes French Riviera. Here’s what impressed you most about the entry-level supercar!

It’s our preferred, that’s why we present in our blog. The drop-top variant is also the favorite of our customers in terms of high-end car rental, the ultimate in everything!

Some will love its angular and aggressive side against its rival, the Ferrari 488 Spider. The rounded and enveloping side of the 488 makes the latter more discreet, which others will appreciate.

You do not have to hide your face: it’s not easy to start with a Lambo when you’ve never driven. The first impression when boarding is to board a spaceship. Everything is different from other cars. Can not say anything other than “WOW !!!

The virtual cockpit “made by Audi” already gives another dimension. Although sober, the interior resumes the angular side of the bodywork. The seats are “extremely” firm. Here we do not do in comfort. The settings are very limited, as in all cars with central engine. The Lambo is literally the opposite of the Bentley Continental GTC built by the same manufacturer. At all levels you will be impressed by both the quality of materials and the level of finish, but in its raw state.

Once past the acclimatization, the time has come to take its bearings with the outside world. Quickly we realize that it’s not going to be easy to judge the space that the beast takes: it is not for nothing that the logo of Lamborghini takes the image of a bull. We see nothing !

Neither the front, nor the back, nor the sides! And again, for the record, I can notice that the rear visibility in the Spyder is significantly higher than that of the coupe, strongly handicapped by its back cover. The miracle occurs, however, when activating the ignition key. But in fact, as in all expensive cars, the latter only serves to be exhibited on a coffee table. Indeed, it can very well stay in your pocket.

But it’s time to start! How? Gently lift the small red cover closing the “start” button of the car. Then we press and then … a roar is heard. What noise ! The neighbors will love! Not discreet, that’s for sure, but that’s, let’s face it, a bit of a goal and a real treat. This is not a Clio (unless a RS?) After a few seconds, the Lambo becomes quite wise, almost silent.

The steering wheel settings allow you to choose the driving mode: if you prefer the noise, switch the Lambo mode “corso” and the noise returns. But, in general, we will ride in “strada” mode, more discreet and more flexible for the city. We are ready to start and very soon the fears of departure are swept away. The cameras at the front and rear guide you without any problem, just pay attention to the rims that copiously overflow tires size 30. No error allowed, because without paying attention, this is directly the box “body workshop” who is waiting for you.

You’re gone and there it is a fantastic discovery; it behaves like a bike, certainly a beautiful bike. But we recognize the technological prowess that allowed to control the 580hp to ride at 30 km / h on our beautiful Croisette, solidly under construction for the moment. Impressive, what sweetness, what delicacy. Moreover nothing to do with his big sister, the Aventador Roadster!

But we forgot to tell you how we started. First start the reverse to get out of the slot. But where is the reverse? Just below the start button, you have to pull on the small lever (marked with an R): it’s not complicated, but you have to know! Then, as it is a sequential box, the pallets are at the wheel, you pull on the right one and the first is engaged. but that you know.

And that’s rolling, and more like a real city car, finally almost. Indeed, we had almost forgotten that we were driving in a Huracan Spyder: pedestrians and walkers, no! The biggest danger now is not to crush one: indeed, everyone wants to take a picture of you! You are (almost) become a star. We stop for a moment: the “parking” position is done by pressing the “P” below the “R”; it’s easier to understand on the pictures.

It’s nice, a ray of sunshine, we’re going to unveil it: nothing more simple? Small button behind the various gearbox controls and hop pulling back, she discovered, very quickly, it is not a Bentley (by the size of the hood). Hair in the wind, you finally discover the breathtaking power … that happiness! It will be another story to tell you.

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  • Passengers: 2 small
  • Baggages: 2
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