Rent Mercedes G Wagon

Rent Mercedes G Wagon



1-3 days 1.380 €

4-7 days 1.180 €

+8 days 980€

Extra km 9 €

Deposit 20.000 €

Minimum Age 27

Price per day – 150km included


  • Number of seats : 5
  • Luggage space : 5
  • Engine : 4.0L Bi-Turbo V8 – 585bhp / 4.800 rpm 4WD
  • Transmission : Auto
  • 0-100 km/h : 4.5 sec.
  • Max. Speed : 225 km/h
  • Fuel : Petrol

Rent Mercedes G Wagon in one word : Fun

You plan your next journey in France and want to hire an astonishing car, able to emphasize your strengths and status, you’re in the right place. Car4rent Cannes recommends you to take the G Wagon into account. This vehicle has lots of benefits, moreover, it looks just extremely awesome and fun.

Rent Mercedes G Wagon: Why to choose G Wagon

There is no doubt, that such vehicle looks quite impressive and attracts everyone’s sights. Along with spectacular design of the model, it is also very powerful, fast and comfortable inside. Car4rent French Riviera offers to rent the Beast with affordable and competitive price.

Rent Mercedes G Wagon : the Mercedes G Wagon is one of the most accomplished and glamorous 4×4 around. With his mighty performance, opulent cabin and advanced technology he is an impressive car. It offers astounding pace surprising agile handling and superb refinement. There’s also plenty of craftsmanship in the cabin and the ability to endlessly personalize the G Wagon inside and out. Mercedes has made bold, claiming unrivaled performance, handling, off-road ability and luxury. The big SUV is primarily a five-seater.

looking for a Mercedesbenz G Wagon for hire. The Mercedes G-Class is a truly traditional vehicle. The 4×4 offers a level of luxury bordering on perfection and almost unrivaled. We offer you the G63 AMG version for rental. The power developed by the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine is announced at 585 horsepower. Assembled in Austria, the model will be replaced in 2024 by an electric version.

There is no doubt that such a vehicle looks impressive and holds up in every respect. Besides the spectacular design of the model, it is also very powerful, fast and comfortable inside. Car4rent Côte d’Azur offers to rent the “monster” at an affordable and competitive price. With a size that takes getting used to, the raised driving position offers perfect visibility and easy movement of the car in a dense urban environment.

Respecting small vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists is easy for anyone who decides to be a responsible driver. The Mercedes-AMG G 63 is large and bulky and takes up significant space on the road. You won’t go unnoticed behind the wheel. Even if it doesn’t have much choice in a city on first approach, it maneuvers with ease and you can see very clearly everything that’s going on around you when the journey takes you there.

The G 63 maneuvers quite easily despite the space it occupies on the road, in particular thanks to perfectly assisted steering and thanks to clearly detectable limits. In fact, its indicators positioned at the corners of the front hood ensure perfect visibility of the vehicle. side of the blind spots. The 4×4 totally dominates its surroundings and towers over the drivers of Porsche Cayenne and other SUVs, arriving at the same height as the drivers of large utility vehicles.

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Rent Mercedes G Wagon : Refinement

The Mercedes G is one of the most accomplished and glamorous 4x4s available. With its powerful performance, opulent interior and cutting-edge technology, it’s an impressive car. It offers astonishing acceleration, surprising handling and extraordinary refinement. The interior also benefits from high manufacturing quality and it is possible to infinitely personalize the G class, inside and out.

Mercedes has been bold in claiming unrivaled performance, handling, off-road capabilities and luxury. The large SUV is above all a five-seater vehicle.

The 4.0-litre Bi-Turbo engine of the G63 AMG has heavily been revised and equipped most models of High-end AMG Models. Monstrous performance is the G Wagon’s most obvious strength, and it handles like a car half its size. G Wagon sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 secs.

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Mercedes G Wagon hire – Choice of wedding cars for hire

Experience luxury and power and find your preferred car for your wedding and we can deliver your car at the location of your choice anywhere in France and Italy.

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