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Luxury Car Hire Loire Valley – A mix of Castles, history, and wonderful Loire Valley

Treat yourself a Luxury Car Hire Loire Valley

Explore Loire Valley at the wheel of a luxury car rental in France, and discover castles and history. Imagine the fantastic French roads driving a luxury car hire! If you are interested in a vacation where visiting and history are the main themes, we highly recommend the Loire Valley and its wonderful castles.

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The Loire River runs basically east/west about 90 kilometers south of Paris and is known for the most famous and the multitude of chateaux that line it’s banks and those of the tributaries that flow into the Loire River.

With a little bit of imagination you can picture the old times with kings and queens, banquets and chase parties, music and good wine. Everything is perfectly preserved, and the tourist can easily find his way around. Chenonceau, Chambord, Villandry, Azay le Rideau. The Chateau de Chambord and Chateau de Chenonceau are the most recognizable

Stay in Tours or Blois, cities that are located right in the middle of the Loire Valley. There are numerous astonishing castles to be seen. You need about two weeks at least to visit everything and not get tired of driving and walking. Enjoy driving a SUV rental or a sports car rental. You’ll be the king of the road and the feeling is great! Although you spend quite some time in the car, it pays off when you become part of the French history.

Luxury car Hire Loire Valley with Car4rent is a must for everyone. Enjoy!

You can make this self-guided trip at the wheel of luxury car rental and follow the river route. This area is beautiful with a shallow, wide river running through farmland and vineyards. The people of the Loire are very friendly and speak English well enough that I rarely had to try to speak French.

The region is quite cosmopolitan and they all seem to want to be helpful in some way. You got the idea that you don’t see very many Americans, you’re wrong! By the way, this is really a very relaxing and laid-back area. There are so many sleepy little towns to explore if you burn out on visiting chateaux. It is quite a contrast with your stay in Paris!

The Loire Valley is also notable for some rather good wines. Saumur, Chinon and Touraine are the favourite areas for red wines along the Loire River. Often times in the restaurants, you would drink a wine from a vineyard you have passed along the way. It is so enjoyable to go from town to town and drink the local wine at each stop.

So, if you want a very relaxing and slow paced vacation, go to the Loire Valley, rent a luxury car, and spend a week driving from one sleepy town to the next. And don’t forget to visit a chateau or two or more along the way!

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