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The Sound The Lamborghini V10 Makes Is Magic

What used to be just one of many great naturally-aspirated engines also became sort of a dinosaur, with Lamborghini being the last volume manufacturer refusing to use forced induction in its supercars. And even they will go twin-turbo (hybrid) for their SUV. The Urus might turn out to be the fastest five-door in the land, but it won’t sound anything like this

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is nat-asp propulsion at its best.

We drove the grammatically obtuse F12, and found it a little, um,  scary. But as a possible swansong for the naturally aspirated Ferrari, it’s just about spot on.

“It takes Herculean self-discipline not to travel at warp factor 10 everywhere,” said Jason Barlow, “so addictive is the performance rush and so huge-sounding is the V12.”

It may not have made the final slide of this gallery, but with 700bhp extracted from its 6.2 litres without a turbo in sight, this is as potent as naturally aspirated road cars get…

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster – 700bhp

Once again, Lamborghini stuck to its guns and kept the Murcielago’s replacement naturally aspirated.

“There is nothing like the throttle response of an engine that relies on nothing more than atmospheric pressure to make fuel and air go bang,” said TG’s Tom Ford of the Roadster. “There’s no boost moment. There’s also no cam change or step in the shove, just a constant, big-engined accelerative weight right up to a howling 8,400rpm.”


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