Range Rover Sport SVR Supercharged

Class: SUV
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Auto
Passengers: 5
Luggage: 5
Mileage: 250
Doors: 5
Minimum Age: 25

Sport SVR in a few words

On the 4×4 segment, a range Rover has always been miles and miles better than the others. It’s been a world-class car. For people who want a beast, the Sport SVR model answers with the “track-ready SUV”. It’s a rocket, on or off-road and makes arguably the least rolly SUV on the market, thanks to active roll control and retuned adaptive shocks. The SVR sounds like a monster on ignition. It roars to life when the start button is pushed and seems loud enough to annoy the the neighbors. Test it in an underground parking lot or tunnel and it sounds awesome.

Extremely Quick SUV

As a first impression: the grip is phenomenal. The sound is addictive. The car is really amazing and is definitely a very sportive one, but have all qualities for a comfortable cruise. It’s time for excitement. With his Supercharged V8 of 550hp, the engine performance, acceleration is intense. The Sport accelerates just as rapidly, hitting the 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 secs. Keep in mind  that this 5.148-pound four-wheel drive SUV that’s as capable off-road as many other Range Rover. Thanks to the air suspension, the magnetorheological dampers rear differential, torque vectoring system and active roll control,  the Sport behaves largely like  a sports car. The SVR is really astounding.

Price: 950 €
Deposit: 10000 €
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