FERRARI Portofino

Class: Convertible
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Auto
Passengers: 4
Luggage: 3
Mileage: 200
Doors: 2
Minimum Age: 27

Portofino in a few words

Rent Ferrari Portofino, the new four-seat of the prancing horse house. The model is not only lovely to look at but also is amazing to drive. The Portofino does descend from the California T, and  almost the whole car is new. Putting the top up or lowering it doesn’t change its curb appeal. The top itself goes up or down in 14 seconds at speeds up to 50 km an hour, so don’t hesitate to drop it whenever the mood goals you.

Updated Tech and Styling

This model helps to define a high-level segment for premium convertible, more sporting and stylish. This is perfectly convenient for families with small children. With a 600bhp engine power, the car is hellishly fast, ultra-stylish integration of coupe and convertible, beautifully designed and made. Truly, a Ferrari for all seasons.

Price: 1700 €
Deposit: 20000 €
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