Rolls Royce Dawn

Classe: Convertible
Carburant: Petrol
Boîte de vitesses: Auto
Passagers: 4
Bagage: 4
Kilométrage: 200Km
Des portes: 2
Âge minimum: 25

Dawn in a few words

All-new Rolls-Royce's don't come along very often, so the Dawn is a big deal. This kind of cars that makes its occupants look like stars? The world's most beautiful open-top.  Another incredible achievement from Rolls. The Dawn is immeasurably fine and offers an absolutely wonderful driving experience, pure on-road luxury theatre. With a perfect handling and usability you enter in the rarefield world of luxury and comfort. The Dawn is never classier than when flipping from hushed four-seater saloon top open-top cruiser in 22 seconds.

Magic Miles

The Dawn is a 5.2m long giant, motivated by a 571bhp V12 engine. It feels exquisite beyond its starter Rolls status and is sure to make a splash wherever you arrive. Few cars make such an impression. It's a less ostentatious statement than a supercar, perhaps, though not what you'd exactly call subtle. Goodwood has gifted  the Dawn with a host of bespoke engineering and an uncommonly elegant wardrobe, offset with aluminium detailing. Dawn runs from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.0 secs.
Prix: 3200 €
Dépôt: 25000 €
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