Porsche Macan Turbo

Classe: SUV
Carburant: Petrol
Boîte de vitesses: Auto
Passagers: 5
Bagage: 5
Kilométrage: 250
Des portes: 5
Âge minimum: 25

Macan Turbo in a few words

It's crazy fast. The Macan Turbo will convert all but most ardent Porsche purists. Porsche consistently reaches for ever-higher pinnacles of speed and precision. The small sports-sedan SUV, with his athletic handling, is perhaps the best example of this relentless push for more capability.. The Macan feels eminently confortable at a fast clip. A relatively low seating position gives it a spots-sedan feel from behind the wheel. The Macan's weight transfers fluidly and predictably through corners.The precision is unimpeachable. The car goads you into driving harder and  instills confidence no matter the speed.

Rewards Enthusiasm

The Macan is right on the pace of SUVs  from the likes of BMW M and Mercedes AMG..With his  400hp power, the Macan Turbo performs 0 to 100km/h in 3.7 sec. The 3.6L. V6 engine of Macan Turbo sits the 400hp. The Twin-Turbo V6's remarkably potent torque curve combines with the responsive PDK automatic transmission to shove you deep into your seat. Has no trouble seetling down to a smooth, relaxed pace for puttering around in normal mode.
Prix: 550 €
Dépôt: 6000 €
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