Ferrari 488 Rental

Ferrari 488 rental


1-3 days 1.900 €

4-7 days 1.750 €

+8 days 1.600 €

Extra km 6 €

Deposit 25.000 €

Minimum Age 27

Price per day – 200km included


  • Number of seats : 2
  • Luggage space : 2
  • Engine : 3.9L V8 – 670bhp / 8.000 rpm 2WD
  • Transmission : Auto
  • 0-100 km/h : 3.0sec.
  • Max. Speed : 325 km/h
  • Fuel : petrol

Ferrari 488 Rental in a few words

Ferrari 488 Rental is your better option. The 458 was already hugely fast. The manufacturer claimed the 488 Spider spring rates to be equal to those of the outgoing 458 Speciale. Waouw! The performance is outstanding and the drop-top is a pleasure to drive increasing suppleness. It was already key to the 458 Spider’s success and it remains a defining aspect of its replacement. But the car is undeniably better. A delight to drive both fast and slow.

Ferrari 488 rental never stops enthralling you. Remove the roof and enjoy! The Spider has a way of keeping you utterly fixated with what’s going on underneath you. The chassis is superb. A steering rack that manages to be direct, light, and communicative all at the same time, still virtually immune to understeer. Its ability to move through a huge, steadying phase of grip, and then be levered progressively out of it, is phenomenal.

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Ferrari 488 Rental – Deeply desirable

Not an awful problem you might think given the responsiveness of a unit practically immune to turbo lag, and one that announces itself with a baritone gurgle from 3000rpm. But there’s less of an incentive to work to engine into its final frenzy, and less high-pitched, last-gap crackle when you get there. Which isn’t an indictment of the speed – far from it.

The 3.9-liter V8 produces all 670bhp from 6.000rpm to limiter before 8.000rpm, meaning its power never drops off when the revs fall between gear changes. The drop-top hits to 0 to 100 /km/h in 3 seconds. A deeply desirable supercar that also advances the sports car arms race

You forecast you journey on the French Riviera under the sign of Italian sportsmanship by choosing a Ferrari 488 rental. This model has been developed to allow the uninitiated to control its power and enjoy a beautiful breakaway at full power. The Ferrari 488 Rental: its sculptural lines and identifiable sounds will seduce you and leave the memory of your visit.

To take full advantage of these “mind-blowing” performances, contact us and book your Ferrari 488 GTB Rental with Car4rent.

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